About Will Call

Will Call? 

It started when we decided to build a bar in a development with 120,000 square feet of cooperative work space.  What the hell do you do with that challenge?  It can't just be your normal neighborhood tavern.  It had to be something new and different and special.  Or it just wasn't worth doing.  Time to go big or go home.  So we grabbed the best corner of the building, some of the best craftsmen in town, and just went nuts.


We took the old Customer Pick-Up & Will Call offices and tore out everything to the bare bones. And those bones were amazing.  They could not be hidden away again.  Enter one of Denver's oldest bar designers - a brilliant old Latvian character named Vilis.  Yeah.  Vilis with a "V". He drew up a plan to rebuild it in a industrial-meets-old-school style that would be one of a kind.  And he put in a big, bad-ass bar at the heart of it all.  As it should be.  And it is beautiful.


Then we grabbed some culinary talent and thought outside the box.  We went South American.  Venezuelan, to be specific.  Arepas to be exact.  What's an arepa?  It's a little stuffed corn fritter of deliciousness.  Kind of taco-ish.  Kind of pita-ish.  One of those foods you really have to just hold and consume to understand.  They turned out even better then we had hoped.  And they're served with some of the best sweet-potato fries you're likely to have here or anywhere.


So come check out our sweet, weird combo-pack of awesome that is Will Call Denver.  We think you'll like it...a lot.